Corporate Sustainability

Several years ago, corporate sustainability practices were nice add-ons for companies focused on attracting and retaining talent – and generally trying to do good. Today, there is a growing mandate for corporations to have a structured sustainability program that makes considerable progress in creating social, environmental, and economic value. Need a brush up on corporate sustainability and how landfill diversion fits in? Let’s get started.

What is Corporate Sustainability?

According to Deloitte, “Sustainability is a comprehensive approach to the management of organizations which is focused on creating and maximizing long-term economic, social and environmental value.” Businesses typically integrate corporate sustainability into programs that track, measure, and communicate their performance around social factors, such as diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and workforce development practices, and environmental factors, like emission, water, and waste reduction activities.

The Biden Administration and the rise in ESG are two critical elements driving public interest in corporate sustainability programs. President Biden signaled throughout his 2020 campaign that environmental action would be a priority and now that the U.S. has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, businesses are preparing for more climate-related regulations to come. Additionally, rising investor interest in ESG (environmental, social, governance) risk management is putting significant pressure on companies to do more when it comes to doing good.

How Does Landfill Diversion Fit In?

Companies taking environmental action as part of their corporate sustainability and ESG programs analyze every aspect of their business that impacts their carbon footprint. A significant environmental component for any corporation is waste management. Why? Because landfills are a substantial source of methane gas emissions which are 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide emissions.

Once the waste leaves the premises, companies are still responsible for its emission output if sent to a landfill. As a result, landfill diversion programs and tools are being adopted so companies can better manage their waste, reduce their environmental impact, and deliver on their sustainability program promises.

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